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My name is Dalton, and this is my website.

By day, I work for a company called Bottle Rocket where I lead a team of iOS developers working on a product called AWE. The AWE framework powers the apps of some of the world's largest television networks like NBC. I also spend time evangelizing tech that I find compelling, such as Amazon Alexa.

By night, I like to learn and play. I have released numerous personal apps and games to the App Store, and published over twenty open-source projects on GitHub. My most popular project is TweenController, which has been starred over 430 times, and has been featured in several blogs.

Here's what I've been playing with lately:

  • Swift 3.0
  • Go Programming Language
  • Amazon Alexa
  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • Amazon Web Services

In addition to writing software, I like to write and play music, brew beer, play Kerbal Space Program, and hang out with my fiancée and two cats.

Latest Projects

Buzz Words

Swift Objective-C Golang Xcode Instruments LLDB iOS SDK macOS SDK VS Code Atom Node.js Sails.js RESTful Web Services JSON HLS Git Jenkins Bitrise GoF - Design Patterns AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda) Game Development Unity3D

Other Projects

"Today I Learned" for Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Today I Learned takes the top posts on the “/r/todayilearned” subreddit and reads them to you through your Alexa-powered device.

View on alexahunt.com

Go Transfer Open Source

Go Transfer is an application written in Go used to tranfer files over HTTP from one client to another, without the need for file storage.

View on GitHub

Ad Stitcher Open Source

Ad Stitcher is a proof-of-concept application written in Node.js using Sails.js. It can be used to stitch a video ad slot into a live HLS playlist.

View on GitHub

Barnsley Fern Open Source

This is an implementation of the Barnsley Fern in Swift using Core Graphics.

View on GitHub

SpaceFactoryNetworking Open Source

SpaceFactoryNetworking is a collection of classes useful for fetching and persisting file data. It is built on top of NSURLSession.

View on GitHub

SFSInterlacedImageView Open Source

SFSInterlacedImageView is a user interface component for iOS. It is a subclass of UIImageView that downloads a PNG image from a given URL. If the image is Interlaced, the image view displays the image progressively as it downloads the image.

View on GitHub

MCPixelArt Open Source

MCPixelArt is a utility for Mac OS X / Windows used to create Minecraft .schematic files from image files. These schematics can be imported using MCEdit.

View on planetminecraft.com

More on GitHub

Work Experience

Lead Software Engineer (iOS) - Bottle Rocket (June 2013 - Present)

Bottle Rocket makes iOS and Android applications for some of the largest brands in the world, such as Starwood Hotels, Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, NBC, and NPR.

Founder / Software Engineer - Claybrook Software (July 2010 - June 2013)

Claybrook Software develops applications for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, etc.) independently and on a contract basis for clients.